Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Lovin' The Library!

With Term 2 moving on quickly, it is time to stop and reflect on how my inquiry on how to use the environment as another teacher has been working.

While I had been focusing on the space within the hub, it wasn't until last week when I had to let the kids know that we weren't be going to the library the following week that I realised how much of an impact having a regular library session each week has been building the relationship between teacher and learners as well as coming the realisation that I had been using the library space as another teaching environment.

Please note this photo was not staged - this is the usual state of the group when we are in the library on Thursdays.

Moving in the library for 30 minutes each Thursday has helped me appreciate the following:
  • I am getting time to learn about the kids as readers as we discuss their interests in books.
  • I am seeing some of them take risks with the choice of books they are choosing - I have implemented a "Free Reading" Box back in the hub and we rotate each week on who gets to choose books for this box.  This has allowed the kids to go and ask each other opinions about the types of books they would enjoy.
  • I get to share some of my passion for reading with the group.  It can be pretty easy for us to get caught in the routine of learning within the hub and what the kids have said to me is that they like the fact that I sometimes can be looking for a book to read myself.  
  • I am also using this time to teach skills like researching, skimming and scanning as well as evaluating texts as we begin to locate texts for inquiry.  Having this context allows the kids to be more engaged and they are able to make the connections quicker due to the environment we are in.
Next Steps:
My inquiry is changing in focus as the kids are making progress so I intend to keep the regular library session to help me explore this further.  Stay tuned for the next update!