Friday, 15 April 2016

Term 1 - Looking Back

One term down - this week at our PRT meeting, we were congratulated on surviving an eleven week term as it is somewhat of a rarity.  The time has gone fast however I must make an effort to stop and reflect before moving onto Term 2.

This has been a fantastic start to my teaching career - I am in a position where I am very fortunate to have so much support and guidance from both my school and the MDTA cohort.  I will continue to develop these relationships as I move forward as I am learning more about the power of collaboration.

I have started to make some great connections with both my learners and their families and this is another set of relationships that I intend to continue to build as I move into Term 2.

I have made an effort to continue to challenge myself in my role as a teacher - it has been a daunting time over the last 11 weeks however I feel that I must continue to have an open mindset about every opportunity that I am presented with and how I can develop myself as a learner.  The amount of things I have learned so far has been incredible and I need to remind myself to stop and take stock of how and when I can utilise this newfound knowledge.

Term 2 is approaching so read here to see what is on the horizon - I am pretty excited!

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