Friday, 10 June 2016

PLG - Screen Casting with Quicktime Player

I found out a new word today - glossophobia.  This is the fear of public speaking and quite relevant for today's post.

For our PLG today, we were introduced to screen casting via Quicktime Player and given the task to use the tool to share an element of our learning.  Screen casting is a great way to demonstrate to learners the steps required for learning as you can walk and talk them through the process.

Storyboarding is key to screen casting success I discovered as I found myself tripping over my words and I had to do several takes.  It was also here where I started to analyse (more OVERanalyse) my words and became very self-conscious of how I was using the tool.  I spent about two hours practicing with the tool to get the "perfect" shot and then came to the realisation that I needed to include authenticity in this presentation.  I feel my learners would make a stronger connection with this tool if I could show them how I struggled with elements of the task and how I was able to overcome it.

An obstacle I had to overcome was finding a space that was quiet enough for me to record - here is where I ended up!

Having done this exercise, this made me reflect on how well the teachers in the Google on Air programme are using tools like screen casting to demonstrate their practice!  This made me reflect on not only my practice but the way in which I am communicating and how I can make improvements.  While I do have a slight fear of public speaking, I know that I can using tools like screen casting as a way to reflect and improve.

Screen casting is a fantastic tool to activate rewindable learning with learners.  They can use these resources as references or prompts to help support their learning and will empower them to stretch themselves further.  I already have plans to use screen casting with some elements of my teaching in the couple of weeks so look forward to practice these skills more!

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