Friday, 16 September 2016

PLG - Keynote

Today's PLG focused on the use of Keynote - this is an app which has been primarily designed as a medium for presentations however today we were allowed sandpit time to explore the possibilities for other things!

As a cohort, we discussed the use of Keynote over Google Slides or Powerpoint and it soon became evident that this app had more functionality.  The fact that you could use it and not be so reliant of your sources of wifi is a saving fact within itself!

Some of the addition features that we were made aware of today were:

  • Using keynote to help design logos, banners etc.
  • Using the app to build animations which can be uploaded into both iMovie or Garageband.  My love of stop motion was renewed as a lot of the cohort were creating some pretty impressive animations!
  • Using it as a form of Photoshop to help edit images

While you can do so much within Keynote, it is always good to remember that "less is more" and while you can do all this amazing work with creating animations, you need to be aware of your audience and your message.

I was mesmerised throughout the day by what was happening up on the screen that I found myself observing more rather than playing so I look forward to experimenting with the app more this week as I prepare to use it to give an "ignite" presentation at our next week's PLG.

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