Friday, 6 May 2016


Today I graduated and it was great to stop and reflect about the whole experience as well as celebrate the milestone itself!  I have not yet told my story about how I came to change careers to come back into teaching - I often forget that I taught English for three years and it was that experience which sparked the passion to make the decision to become a teacher again.

I enjoyed this graduation more than my previous one as I felt more connected with my cohort and it was awesome to see members of both my school and MDTA community graduate at the same ceremony.

I was fortunate enough to share the occasion with both my colleagues and my learners - I received a cake from the staff congratulating me on the achievement but what was more humbling was to have the recognition noticed by my learners who decided to make me a card and share it with me.  Very cool Hub One, you guys rock!  This gesture made me think about how I have built relationships with my learners and it made me think about how these words from Rita Pierson resonate within my personal teaching practice.


  1. Congratulations Heath! It is most unusual and special to be able to share your graduation ceremony with colleagues from the same school as well as you original cohort and now your MDTA peeps. Quite a different experience from many first year teachers who are knuckling down in a small primary school somewhere just getting on with the job in a single cell environment.

    1. Thank you Dorothy, looks like you and Russell are having a great time so far! I definitely felt the connection with everyone on Friday and appreciated the uniqueness of being able to celebrate with everyone on the day.


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