Friday, 29 July 2016

PLG - Sketchnoting

Today's PLG had us looking at sketchnoting.  For anyone like myself who is hearing this term for the first time, sketchnoting is a process when you create a personal visual story as you either listen to a speaker or read a text.

There are a number of apps that can help you with this process such as flipink (free), Paper by 53 (free) or if you feel like an expert, you can try Procreate  ($8.99 for the purchase of the app).  The cohort spent time looking into this after Dorothy shared her own experience with the process.

The implications for using this process in the design of learning are many - to begin with, this may be a great strategy for learners who process information visually to make meaning of the learning they are engaging with.  Sketchnoting also has a great connection with literacy and how learners can use visualising strategies to help them build confidence in that skill.

As always, the cohort were charged with giving sketchnoting a go with a lot of us downloading the apps and quickly getting into the process.  I have kept it old school with drawing it in a notebook but I will see if I can replicate some of my learning over onto one of the apps.  I chose to articulate my current professional goal for Term 3 so would be keen to see if people who follow this blog are able to decipher this - please feel free to comment below!

I am the first who would not call myself an artist so am keen to try this process further to help build my confidence in my art skills and I feel that it will help me with my university readings.

For those who are keen to try this out, I feel Georgia has summed it up perfectly with her sketchnote below!


  1. I love this, even if I haven't interpreted it the same way you have created it for, this visually simplifies and explains the implementation of the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy so well for me. I think we complete this reflective process every day subconsciously, but this is a great goal for yourself this term and look forward to chatting with you and your progress throughout and at the end of the term! Thanks for recycling my sketchnote too :)

    1. Hey Georgia, sorry forgot to respond to your message :( My term 3 goal is "to deepen my knowledge and understanding of how to apply the LCS cycle to different learning areas" so you hit the nail on the head!


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