Friday, 1 July 2016

PLG - Visit to Point England School

Today Juliana and I went to Pt England School as part of our PLG focus.  As we both teach Years 2/3, we went with the focuses on seeing the following:
  • Year 1s - seeing the level of ability our learners are coming from and how the design of learning is set at that level.
  • Year 4s - we wanted to see how the design of learning was set at this level and how we can prepare our Year 3 learners for the transition.
We were greeted by one of the most impressive assemblies that I have attended - the air of celebration was present as we watched learners get their sport awards.  We also saw a new house captain being elected which was announced with such mana!

Shortly after, we went into two Year 1 classes - these learners are adept in using Explain Everything (the app that we use in our hub) and were very keen to show us their learning.  The learners that I spent time with showed me how they use the sound bytes which their teachers record with their explanations or instructions to assist them.

After morning tea, we moved into the pavilion where we visited a Year 4 learning space - this was two classes that were merged into one with two teachers.  The learners were working through a list of activities from the week in the block called "Finishing Friday" - I helped some learners with an activity that they were working through with geometry and I got a fair few "presents" with them all keen to show me their proficiency with symmetry.  I got this awesome example from a learner who understood the concept and explained it to me very efficiently.

Both experiences have made me consider the following with my own practice:
  • How can I use digital affordances (such as the sound bytes in Explain Everything) to allow my learners more opportunities for rewindable learning?
  • Am I generating enough choice for my learners in regard to their learning?
  • How can we incorporate more opportunities to celebrate our successes in our learning?  I was blown away by the attitude of the learners at their assembly!
Such a humbling experience being welcomed into other schools in our area - I am grateful to part of a community of learning!  Thank you to all the teachers that let us come into their spaces and observe!


  1. Heath what an amazing learning journey for you this year, where you have expanded your horizons exponentially. You possess the dispositional quality, which enables you to learn from others and add these to a fast developing repertoire of teaching ideas and skills. Your collaborative capacity is also notable in working in a team.

    1. Thank you for both the kind words and the support the last six months Anne - It has been amazing to be part of a collective pioneering force! I am looking forward to the remainder of this year. Hope you enjoy your break!


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