Friday, 28 October 2016

PLG - Preparation for Initial Google Class on Air

Today's session was a follow up from a Term Two PLG where we were introduced to the concept of the Manaiakalani Google Class on Air.

Today Matt Goodwin returned to give us more insight and guidance into how he had progressed throughout the year.  It was inspiring to see how he had moved from filming lessons that he was undertaking with particular reading groups to showing us how he is teaching whole class lessons.

Some of the advice shared were the following:

  • Think about how you can use screen-casting to demonstrate what the learners are accessing on their devices or through their portals.  This can also help pan out any technical issues you may receive from the filming.
  • Think about your environment - look at where you are filming.  Unfortunately windows are not your friend in regards to light.  You will also need to consider lighting if your video is showing you present off screens.
  • Feedback from viewers is that they are really interested in hearing what the learners are saying about the lessons so investing in or finding a quality way to record audio is key.  Matt suggested recording in two formats (ie, through the recording device and having a second unit close to you) may be beneficial.
  • With most lessons plans, you could be doing this over multiple days.  When you are selecting content, it may be more beneficial for viewers to pull this from either your first or second day when the concepts are fresher in the learners minds.

We have been set with the challenge creating one of these lessons for this term so the remainder of the day was spent creating the framework for how a site page looks like and then starting to plan the concept/lesson that we will teach.

I have decided to work with some of my learning with one of my reading groups, hence the exciting name above!  Stay tuned for an update in a few weeks - for those who read this regularly, try to keep me honest so I can share this :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips Heath, I will take these into consideration. Have you thought about what you will use to film? I was thinking of setting up my GoPro across the whole class, my latop at the kids desks and then walking around with my iPhone. Look forward to chatting more and seeing the final product!

    1. No worries Georgia, glad you found them interesting. I have a couple more written down so will share with you next week. I'll probably use my phone for recording voice next to me and either my iPad or Mac to record the visual (probably away from the kids so they don't notice it as much). Sheena has offered to film me as well so may use a combination of footage in the end product. Happy to discuss!

  2. I like the challenge you have posed Heath. I will be chomping at the bit to see this lesson and no doubt Anne will too :)

    1. Good to have challenges Dorothy as well as some goals to work to. Will look forward to getting feedback from both yourself and Anne too :)

  3. Great tips Heath! I really liked the suggestion with the screencasting as not only can it cover up the odd bad film it also makes it interesting for the viewer :) Look forward to seeing your recorded lesson soon!


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