Friday, 4 November 2016

PLG - Practising Teacher Criteria and Google Sites

As I am in my first year of teaching, it is a requirement for me to collect evidence so I can use towards gaining full registration as a practising teacher.  The Practising Teacher Criteria (PTC's) describe the essential knowledge and capabilities required for quality teaching in New Zealand.  These apply to all teachers in their everyday professional practice who are seeking to be issued with a full practising certificate or renewing full certification.

To aid us in this requirement, our cohort all created google sites to help us collect and manage all the resources throughout this year.  I have been maintaining evidence and artefacts so far, however, I was really looking forward to this day as it was the intention for us to spend some quality time on the site.  I had been putting off spending some time working on the design and layout as while the template was effective in showing us what information we were required to show evidence for, I wanted to have the site reflect me as an individual and as a teacher.
I have chosen to go with the jigsaw theme in my access points as this is reflects what teaching means to me - my practice revolves around the relationships I have with my students, their families, the community and my colleagues.  It also ties in nicely with the collection of artefacts and how I am piecing them together to show my practice as a whole.

While I was appreciative of the time that I got to spend working on my site design, I was more grateful for the support from both Anne and my peers as we discussed our journeys this year and how the skills we have developed can be attributed to the criteria.  I can now spend the time I was going to use on site design to reflect on the year and add more evidence!

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  1. Great to see you taking ownership of the site and using the skills you have acquired to make it reflect you and your teaching- not a template.


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