Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Getting Our Write On!

I have written earlier about how my dissertation focus will be around building both confidence and engagement in writing and seeing if this has a link with achievement so I thought it may be timely to discuss the approach that I am using with this.  As mentioned earlier, our hub has already undergone our Term One inquiry into writing so my individual inquiry focus is a continuation on that.

I am currently working with a group of learners which are working towards the Year Two or Year Three writing standards.  The standards for each are as follows:



With these in mind, I am exploring the links between students' non-cognitive skills and both engagement and achievement with their writing.  Each week learners will be reflecting on the following:
  • Which of our seven learner qualities did they use in their writing this week?
  • How did they feel about their writing learning this week?
  • What help do they require in their writing learning from myself for the following week?
I am using Explain Everything to help learners both articulate and record their thoughts.  Learners are able to highlight and record their thoughts on each of the above questions which I am transcribing and using to help to inform the following week's planning for their writing sessions.

Already two weeks in and I can already see how this is impacting my practice as I listen to the reflections - learners are taking the time to really be honest in how they are going with their writing and what parts of their learning that they require further assistance from me.  This has helped me already craft some workshops where I can spend time with learners on particular skills that they feel they need a boost in.  I will be examining these feedback loops in more detail in Term 3.

I am very lucky to be working with such a great bunch of kids - check out some of their description publishing below and if you can, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog post!


  1. This sounds like an awesome reflection process for the students! You are developing self-regulated learners, providing opportunities for students to express their thoughts and using their feedback to create further lesson plans - awesome! Looks like the students also had heaps of fun designing their creatures too. Love reading about the cool things you and your students are up to - and looking forward to discussing how your research pans out. Best of luck with the next steps.

    1. Thanks Georgia, we have had a few technical issues with the set up but the kids have been troopers in this and I'm hoping will see the power in their reflections! We are moving onto narratives now so am hoping the learning they have spent on descriptions as well as their reflections will help them create some awesome pieces of learning! Will definitely share via both blogs.


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