Wednesday, 23 November 2016

My Own Class On Air - Mr Lewzey and the Champions

Following on from a blog post earlier, I filmed myself teaching.  This was very daunting as I did not want to "see" myself teaching but reflecting on the process, I am glad that I got the experience to do so.

This task was a taste of what the Google Class on Air teachers do in their roles and I can see how hard they work at producing at least 20 lessons a year to share with the wider community.  Click on the image below to see a weekly reading session with one of my groups.

This was a project that I was hesitant to take part in as it is putting you out there.  I realise that I work in an ILE and my peers see my practice everyday however to film and share your teaching online takes a lot of courage.

I realise from this process that I have a lot more to learn in my practice however what stood out for me was my rapport with the kids and how they were really keen to learn.  They were extremely brave to agree to take part and are keen to see the finished product so we will watch towards the end of this term.

I experimented with the shots and where I should position myself in relation to the camera - I was glad that I decided to sit in front of the camera with the kids as it gave me insight into how I am giving instructions and allowed me some steps to work on for the remainder of the term and next year.  One thing I will try for next time is making sure I have adequate recording for both myself and the learners as I feel a lot of some learning was missed due to this not being up to standard.

Look forward to any feedback you have on this lesson.

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