Friday, 25 November 2016

PLG - Digital CV

Today was our last ever Digital Immersion Day - hard to believe that it is been a year already into our practice and the MDTA.

We started down at Point England Beach, getting a few new team shots as this would be one of the last times we were together as a group.

The remainder of the day was dedicated to creating a digital CV that showcases the skills that we have developed over the course of the year.  I have made a start and gathered a lot of the examples of resources we have created.  It was pretty cool to go back and look at some of the work I had created during the beginning of the year and assess how I have developed in my practice as well as my digital skills.

Here is a look at my first start of my site - I have yet to add into some of the more aesthetics of the site which might need to wait until the holidays.  Any feedback is welcome and appreciated at this stage of the process!

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